looking at the new paddy design on aloharag (small locks)

  1. and at first i was a little bummed out, since I just bought my argent small paddington, and now it seems like this one is replacing it, and my bag is out of date (that's what my boyfriend said - isn't he mean? you'd think he'd be a little more sensitive to my plight!)

    but then i was looking at it more closely, and I realized that one of the things i *loved* about my paddington was the fact that you don't have to zip the zippers up - you just flip the lock over, and wham-o, the bag is closed and pick-pocket safe. and if you want to get into the bag, it's easy - just flip the lock right over.

    BUT with the new paddys, there's no flipping. you have to unzip and rezip the bag every time (and with the smaller one, you'd have to zip each side because there's no way your hand is getting into that little space), which seems like it would get to become a pain.

    SO, maybe my paddy is a little out of date (and maybe, secretly, i like the small lock one more because it would be SO much lighter) but it's missing a very functional feature.

    anyone else have any thoughts?
  2. I like the small lock bag, but I LOVE the original with the big lock. Weight aside, I think that the big padlock makes this bag.
  3. I really don't like the new paddys with the small lock. I'm sticking to my heavy paddy:yes:
    But I don't think you have to be concerned that your paddy now is outdated. I prefer to think of them like classics - and classic never goes out of style:p :graucho:
  4. thanks! seee, *that's* what my boyfriend should have said:cursing:. men just don't understand these things.
  5. :yes: Agree...
  6. ^^^ Agree agree!

    I prefer the big lock, and also the thick smooshy leather paddingtons traditionally have :yes: I think those are the things which made people love the paddy!
  7. I totally agree! I love my big padlock- i think that is what makes the Paddy so unique!
  8. do you know how the leather on the small-lock paddys are? on the website it looks thin, but i could just be making that up to make myself feel better:graucho:
  9. I've seen a medium sized small lock paddy in the store and I find the leather quite different from what I usually expect from paddingtons... I think the leather is a bit thinner but what really struck me was how silky smooth the surface of the leather was (not pebbly at all)...
  10. I have the bronze and I love it!! I can't say enough nice things about it. I find it less awkard with the smaller lock, lighter, and prettier. The leather is silky but still feels soft and luxurious even though it is very different from the original.
    So far I've only seen the metallics with the small lock so it doesn't appear theat Chloe is discontinuing the large lock style. It's nice to have a choice:smile:
  11. What originally drew me to the paddys was the large chunky hardware, and the smooshy leather; so rich looking. :drool: This new version doesn't "cut" it. The leather is cheaper and thinner and the hardware is small and "tinny". :crybaby: I have seen the new bags at Nordstrom and they don't compare with the old Chloes. :yucky: They were sitting on a table in the middle of the handbag section and no one was looking at them, except me! This was at the "Oakbrook" Nordstrom in suburban Chicago.:sad:
  12. I also like the big padlock more than those little ones but indead I wish the big padlock had same weight like the little ones...it's really heavy :push: but looks better:rolleyes: