Looking at some of the speedy bags on Ebay..

  1. So I was just browsing eBay (my daily ritual looking for any great deals! xD) and I noticed that couple speedy bags we're 100% authentic guaranteed or 10x your money back.. but I know that LV's monogram logo is NEVER cut off.. but on some of the bags that note the authenticity.. on the side the top left corner of the LV logo seems to be a TINY bit cut off? or just sewn over... I don't get it? How can you tell if its authentic by that or not?

    Also.. how can you tell between a fake n real damier?
    (I tried to do a search over authenticity guide.. but i couldn't find anything..)
  2. Post pics of the item on the authentication thread. You'll get lots great tips :tup: there. Good luck on getting your Speedy!
  3. OT: everytime i look at your avatar it makes the wait of the release of the tivoli so much harder. I cant wait to get this bag
  4. GOODLUCK! Just be careful!