Looking at H scarves

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  1. I'll be going to NYC sometime in June and would like to buy a a few scarves - maybe two. I've go this problem, though: when I see H scarves I don't want to wear them. I want to lay them flat and look and them...and look at them...and look at them. They come in such beautiful and meaningful designs that I'm afraid if I buy anything I'll frame it and hang it on a wall instead of wearing it, just so I can keep looking at all the little details..

    Am I weird? Please tell me I'm not weird!
  2. No, you're not weird.

    There are peole who frame them...and yes the details are part of the magic.

    You could wear them in such a way that show off alot of the pattern ( as a head scarf or top).

    I think the intracacies of the design and the fact that for the majority of the design is hidden when wearing them, truly make these luxury objects

    Think about it, we are paying $300 for a small piece of silk that only the wearer or another H afficianado would know what it really looks like.
  3. ^I think the "secret" nature of the full design being hidden on a scarf while it's being worn is one of the things that keeps me so interested in scarves.

    I can look at the details on them for hours, merika. I've never framed any of mine, but I love to put them flat and study them. That's an important facet of truly enjoying them, I think.
  4. I have only a few scarves, but some go back 30 years (it scares me to realize that). I never get tired of looking them over closely! Enjoy your scarves any way that makes you happy.
  5. I don't often wear my scarves; they don't work that well in my everyday wardrobe. But I just can't resist some of the beautiful designs. And there they sit, in my closet, neatly folded in their little boxes. Poor scarves.
  6. I love to study them too. But I also love to wear them. Usually after wearing I lay them flat to let the wrinkles fall out and that's when I admire them! :yes:
  7. For me, I wear my scarves and it's fun to re-discover them when you tie different knots and the portion where you never seen gets exposed? And then the love for it starts all over again. :love:
  8. Fabulous! Love the details:heart: