looking at, as i type, huge pic of denim coco cabas

  1. oh girls....just got the NM InCircle member newsletter...there is a huge color pic inside of the denim Coco Cabas with shiney gold hardware, it is TDF......what a fabulous casual bag......verrra verrra low maintenance i would imagine
    i was wrong in the other thread where i said it was $1,295..its $100 more, but suddenly it doesn't matter :p , price increase seems miniscule....this is truly a great bag especially for ladies who own all leather Chanels and want to try something gorgeous and fun...
  2. Can you scan a pix for us?

  3. picture! picture!.....

    ^^^hey oregonfanlisa...i'm moving to Beaverton in a few months!!! We are going to be neighbors! lol small world.
  4. check out the thread already entered here.....it says NM in title, i can't remember now who started it.......but its the same pic i was referring to!
  5. girl you are fiending for a Chanel denim bag aren't you! :p
  6. ohh Swanky......i so am! i don't know what my thing is with Chanel denim...only Chanel denim, not LV, Balenciaga, Gucci denim, just Ms. Coco herself.....maybe its the incredible...i don't know,,,maybe its the chic....well......i am probably gonna emit sounds of glee when at trunk show and they have it there.....(Thurs)
  7. I just got mine in the mail today. That is one hug pic! I don't think I'll be racking up the 38,000 points for the free trip though lol

    I like what the show in the bag - incl the red bra and false eyelashes lolo :yes:
  8. wish I could go w/ you to hear you squealing! Oooh and w/ Keykey to see her snappin' those fingers all over the place!:lol:
  9. Claudia,
    David has me wait listed for the denim cabas~~~
    He says I will love it--
  10. I got that in todays mail too. I didn'tlike the denim though, I thought it looked stiff. Like old school denim that's never been washed!!!
  11. I love the denim!!Cant wait to get mine..Im waitlisted to get it....its so pretty!