Looking at an XL Jumbo Chanel vintage black bag...

  1. Is there only one size on the XL Jumbo...thats about 13.5 x 9 x 4 inches?

    And is that the name? I noticed a few gals have recently bought some off eBay, would you mind posting a pic of yours and if you dont mind how much you paid? Just want to get an idea of whats a good-fair price to offer for one.

    Thanks a bunch!!!
  2. I bought Jumbo black lambskin from NM for $2450 before their price increase Nov.12.
  3. ^^ ohhh thanks for your reply...I guess I shouldve emphasized I was looking specifically at the XL Jumbo VINTAGE Chanel bags =)

    Like these ones here from eBay:

  4. I'm looking for this bag too...
  5. I found one by accident lol when I first got into Chanel. I was looking for the regular Jumbo, but ended up with the XL! It only cost 1000 dollars (500 pounds), but you have to be careful to find one with a double strap, as alot of them were produced with a single strap, which is just too long on a bag this size :smile:

    Good luck with your sale, the lambskin on these is just untouchable, so soft and gorgeous :biggrin:
  6. ahh did u find one??

    i got a *really* good deal on mine~ paid $960. ^____^ SO HAPPY.
    and i got the regular sized vintage jumbo~ it fits me better since i am small~ i LOVE it. it's SO beautiful. really its so so so beautiful. i dont like the new jumbos they have now~ but that's just me. hehe
  7. chloe and juicy wow, how did you find under $1000 Chanel bag??? I'm dying to know..
  8. ^ Got *REAL* lucky~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAhaha, I'm SOOOO happy I did. I found one of AnnsFabulousFinds for $2000. So i was like WOW. :heart:333 I love eBay~ Really, you have to have patience till you find one that comes up that's worth it! :smile:
  9. Yep, until Nicole Richie was spotted with the XL, they actually were unpopular as they are v large. So the XL went for alot less than the standard Jumbo (that is what my seller told me anyhow). Lots of sellers actually left the XL out of their selling description to try and sell it as a jumbo and it wasnt until you looked at the measurements that you would find out it was the XL!!!! lol. But now, more and more people seem to be wanting them!

    I really hope you get a gorgeous vintage one for a great price.
  10. juicy: love the dog!! so cute...

    yupe I'm eyeing on ebay now...I just bought a Jumbo black caviar and now I'm confused for the sizing...the XL Jumbo size is it 14inch?

    But what confused me is, the sizing in Ebay for every seller is kinda different....so could you tell me the real measurement of this XL bag? I want the largessssstttt size :smile:
  11. ^ the XL vintage is around 13.5''...

    i got the medium sized vintage jumbo.. the 12 in one b/c im short, hehee and i love it!

    seriously, the vintage jumbo is SOOOOO GORGEOUS :heart:33333333 i look at it everyday
  12. It's so crazy to me how just one celeb like Nicole Richie being seen with a bag makes everyone go crazy for them!!! Not that the vintage Chanel XL Flap doesn't deserve it, but it just became so popular out of nowhere. I do love it though and I'm waiting to find a vintage find for myself one of these days. :love:
  13. Ahhh I love this bag! I have the M size like juicy, because I'm petite and it fits me better. I haven't been using it much lately, I should take her out more. :rolleyes: