looking at a site recommended here, 3 choices... which???

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  1. On a site that is recommended ...... I have a choice of... (preloved). The DA pochette with gold chain strap for $200. A DA Mila for $350 and the DA Eva for around $550.... I am looking for something nice for the evening, that can carry a little money, cards and my phone and a lippy....... it is so tempting to go for the cheaper ones which gives me more money to spend on a another bag as i am buying 2 pre- loveds ( looking at a multi )... I do not want to make a mistake though.... WTD.
  2. The Mila is small and flat and won't fit much. My vote is for Eva because it can hold a good amount and you can carry it with the cross body strap if you choose. I only carry mine for dressy so I only use the gold strap. I have the Eva, a Mini Pochette, and a regular Pochette and if I could only have one, it would be the Eva.
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    I adore my DA Milla it is sooo versatile!! I use it as a grab and go clutch wallet, a nice wristlet for dinners out (it holds plenty for me), a makeup bag etc.. I get the most compliments on it, it can be casual or dressy too. I love that I can use it inside a bigger bag or it stands on its own as well. I ended up selling my Eva's and my pochettes, but my Milla has proven to be my most useful SLG. Sounds like you're looking at the mini pochette too, which is very small and seems more like an inside another bag type of pouch, not for nights out imo. Good luck deciding!
    Here's mine with compact, keys, lipstick, $ etc..

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  5. My favorite is the Eva. Holds quite a bit for a small clutch.
  6. If this is all that you will carry, I think the Mila would be a great size. I do prefer Eva though because it's more versatile with the removable strap. Good luck deciding!
  7. Eva! That's a great price for Eva
  8. Eva - it is such a versatile bag, you'd probably get more use more often with this one.