Looking at a Rouge Noir Mitzy

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  1. I know, not sure whether I could let my Aqua Mabel go???? but the purple and red probably wont be missed? As I have a small red Mabel and my purple Shimmy. I love the new cerise colour Ostrich but that's out of my price range.
  2. Don't let aqua go then. No siree. Would ask if there's anything else to consider, but we might be sailing close to the wind?
  3. I'm off on holiday for a couple of weeks next week....So I'll have some time to think, then perhaps a trip to Bicester!
  4. Exciting! Yes, don't rush this, plenty of time to ponder.....
  5. Rachie , I have a few purple bags in my collection and am thinking that I only need one .
  6. The red mabel is my dream bag. I love reds.

    I think I heard there will be an emerald mitzy, might be worth giving it a few weeks and having a good look at the a/w stuff incase anything tickles your fancy.
  7. Oh all this purple floating around!

    I would seriously think Rachiem about your Mabels - you have to remember how many Red Mabels you have had! You've always replaced it when its gone!
  8. Rachie, I love my Mitzy and would find it hard to go back to two strap bags now. The hanovers are OK as the straps are flat and sit against each other as if they were one, but I much prefer my hobos to the previous bags I had.
  9. #24 Jul 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2009
    Thanks SJ, that's what I'm thinking. I think I'm decided what will go now????
  10. :goodpost:

    I COMPLETELY agree :graucho:
  11. I think the Rouge Noir Mitzy is gorgeous Rachie I am going to sell my Roxy to get one as I too love the one handle bags

    I have it in Black but really fancy a purple bag
  12. Dont sell the mabels, they are far too nice!

    But if you do, keep the red one. I had a red which I sold and I do regret it.
  13. thanks guys, I'll have to think about it but I think I'll get rid of my heaviest bag as the thing I love about Shimmy is it's weight.