Looking at a Rouge Noir Mitzy

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  1. I really love the look of the above bag but I seem to have so many purple bags!

    I've just bought this and it's such a lovely shade


    I also have the Purple Shimmy and a Midnight Mabel...

    So do you think having 4 purple bags is too much in one collection?

    The only one I may let go would be the Mabel but then I wonder whether to go for the Mitzy in Oak or wait to see if there may be a green?

    Any thoughts...they are 4 different types of bags
  2. I suppose it depends on how different the purple colours are and how much you already use your Purple bags.

    If you find that you don't really use the Purple bags then you don't really need 4 of them do you?

    All of your bags, except Shimmy Hobo, have 2 shoulder straps and are quite structured bags? Do you think this is more your style than the Mitzy and Hobo? If so, I would suggest not getting a Mitzy at all and maybe getting something else - 2 strapped with more structure.
  3. Like SJ, I seem to be going off 2 straps. The Shimmy is a great bag to wear!
    The Mabels (which I love) can be quite fiddley, heavy (Red Mabel) and hard to get on your shoulder.
    I seem to be falling out of love with my Mabels but not sure if the Hobo phase is a fad??
  4. Hm, tricky one. They are all such different colours and styles, though I have to echo Ali-b and ask if you'd really use all four of them.

    If you're really falling out of love with your Mabels but loving the one-strap hobo style, then perhaps Mitzy hobo would be better in the long term.
  5. As Rouge Noir Mitzy is a new bag, why don't you use your Shimmy Hobo and see how you get on with that first. You have some time to decide on whether to get a Mitzy as they're still current stock, (also, the Rouge Noir Mitzy is not on the website although I know somebody has got one - how weird!).

    I would hate for you to let your Mabel's go just to find out later that the Hobo is a fad and then want your Mabel's back.
  6. Good advice girls.

    I personally wouldn't use 4 purple bags, but maybe they'll all fit different uses for you? Having said that, I imagine that rouge noir Mitzy and Shimmy hobo would pretty much fit the same bill.

    The R&B bag looks lovely - even with 2 straps I imagine that it would stay on the shoulder better than Mabel. Has that been an issue for you?
  7. I know, I haven't stop using the Shimmy since I got it as it's soo lovely.
    I've just got my red Mabel out to see how I get on for the next couple of weeks.
    I thing I love about Shimmy is the weight, the fact it's so unstructured and I can throw it around and it sits so nicely on my shoulder
    I'm getting a bit fed up with using bags, I have to Mother (if that makes sense)??
  8. Yes I tend to hand hold the Mabels as they don't stay that well on my shoulder
  9. You can never have too much purple :roflmfao:
  11. ^ Well if you don't Aly - I will!!!!!! You have been warned!!! hahaha
  12. :sos:
  13. Oh you must use it, it's such a simple and stylish bag.
  14. orrrr, I could sell all 3 Mabels and buy an Ostrich Mitzy????
  15. Ah, now there's a thought :thinking:Big investment for a single item, but actually more economical if you are likely to love her and use her more?