Looking at a bag for its design, not for its brand

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  1. After spending some time on this forum I've noticed that a lot of people are gushing over bags that, to me, aren't appealing at all. Some of the bags are really hideous and a complete rip off for such an expensive price. However it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. . .

    What do you think? Would you like & purchase a bag because its from your favorite designer, or because of its actual design?
  2. I can definitely say that the brand does not matter to me. I find that quality is what matters most. Regardless of how cute a bag is, if the quality is not there, I usually end up getting rid of it or not buying it altogether. Of course, I have to like how it looks too.
  3. Unfortunately, I find quality is found in the more expensive brand/designer. I don't purchase a certain bag because I have to have more "expensive" bag. I do purchase classic styles that last for years. Knowing I will have them for a long time I can justify the purchase and sleep at night!

    If Nine West and Target had great bags with soft leather, clean lines, and nicely stitched I would purchase them too. But if they did would they be cheap?
  4. I think most people when buying a bag don't necessarily look for a designer's name but for the designer's reputation. Most designers offer classic styling and high quality and unfortunately the price for that is often high. I love LV, while they offer over 500 styles, I only have 3 styles from them.
  5. I go for the look of the bag as well as quality. Most of the time a higher price equals better quality. ie. $450+. I will buy a cutesy bag for under $100. Its usually a very trendy bag so I don't care if isn't A+ quality since I'll only carry it a few times.
  6. Design, quality, and value matter most to me. That said, I've only found a few lines that suit me - none of which are very popular on this forum.
  7. i've never bought anything because it was a certain designer. there's simply no designer i favor that much :-/. it would be kind of fun to have such an intense love for a particular designer and collect them, but i haven't found that designer for me yet.

    i think that the fendi b.bag is a good indication that most of the people here don't buy things because they're it bags or because they're a particular designer. every mag in the country has gushed over the b.bag and most of us here just can't get in to it, no matter how popular it is.

    and i also think that when you look at enough designer bags and get far enough in to them, you have a certain eye for things about a bag that others might miss, which is why a lot of us fuss over the same bags.
  8. While you can definitely find good designs that aren't "designer," most of the well-designed, aesthetically-pleasing bags are designer bags. That's why designer bags are so coveted... hence, "design" in "designer."
  9. Design over brand for me. I like some LV pieces and I hate some. I like the Paddy but don't really like Balenciaga (just some of the colors).
  10. I think there are more ugly designer bags than cute ones, but the cute ones are reallllly cute, good quality is always important, but I'd buy a bag from target if it was cute enough...maybe. ;) But for example...I normally love LV but the eyes on you eyeball bags are hideous and quite frankly weird and cheap looking...same with those smiley faces YUCK! ugly.
  11. I don't EVER buy a bag because it's an "It" bag. NEVER EVER.
    I think there's a TON of hideous bags available now, just like there were 3 years ago and will be next year, I'll never carry one I don't adore because it's frlom a certain designer.
  12. Definitely not to the brand alone. Of course some designer bags are undeniably better quality than the others such as LV, BV, Tod's or Chanel. But I agree some of them are just hideous sometimes like LVs. When I was younger I would get designer bags just to own designer bags, but not anymore. So in general, I go for the quality of material and craftmanship, of course the first thing that attracts me is the design. I like simple designs anyway. I am more excited to have found a reasonably priced, good quality bag than buying a big designer bag.
  13. i think that some people are even interested in what's 'in', what celebrities wear and all that stuff.....i find it so sad!
  14. Up until the last year or so, I had only bought Coach - first one was because I asked at a Dillars store .."I'd like a purse that's small, all leather, no fabric and will last me a while" .. they presented me with my first Coach - I bought several after that based on how much I liked the bag, I had no idea it was or was going to become a "designer" name. I was looking for functionality and durability first and foremost.
  15. I'm in agreeance with most people...I look at the bag for the quality and whether or not it appeals to me first, before I look at the brand. If it's shoddy, then definitely not. If it is well-made, and/or unique, I'd think about it.