Looking around for a Damier tote- opinions please!

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  1. Okay so my latest LV obession is that I want a Damier shoulder tote with a Vernis Pomme D'Amour Koala wallet inside. I've been looking around on let-trade, eBay, considering buying it at the store (depending on the price increases!). Does anyone own a Damier tote? any pics? I'm not sure which one I like best but I'm leaning towards the Parioli right now.

    which is best:
    Saleya GM

  2. I would go with the Chelsea. It's such a great bag!
  3. Wait for the hampstead! So awesome!
  4. Chelsea! Chelsea! It's one of the one's I'm considering, too! :graucho:
  5. Chelsea for now. Since I haven't seen the Hampstead IRL yet.
  6. i'd wait for the hampstead before u make a decision!
  7. I'd wait for the new one too, just to see if I love it :yes: If not, I think the Chelsea is lovely!
  8. I'd suggest waiting to see the Hampstead too, you might like it!
  9. Me and my Uzes....:love:
    IMG_0169.jpeg IMG_0171.jpeg IMG_0193.jpeg IMG_0194.jpeg IMG_0195.jpeg
  10. I LOVE the Uzes!
  11. OMG..Michelle..that Uzes is so pretty..you look great with it hot mama!

    My vote betwen Uzes and chelsea
  12. TY Nita! You are very kind....:flowers:
    OP: I really :heart: all the Damier totes, so it was tough to choose.
    I am also anxiously awaiting the new Damier totes......can never have to many.....:drool:
  13. OT...^ITA... What did you see, Michelle?:graucho:

  14. Sure, make me look crazy...you move quick taking that baby down....:p

  15. I said as I saw it my friend :p