Looking after your white bag

  1. Hi all :smile:

    I'm about to buy my first Chanel today (i'm so excited!). It's a medium white caviar classic flap.

    I'm really scared of getting it dirty etc and was wondering, how do you all look after your bags? Do you use leather conditioners? Scotchguard? What do you do when you get a bit of dirt on it?
  2. not to worry...the white caviar is the easiest white bag to take care of since the leather is so easy to maintain as opposed to the lambskins. to keep it looking great make sure you: aren't wearing dye-transferring dark fabrics (i.e., jeans, dark coats/tops...etc.) especially when it's raining (made that mistake with another bag); be careful where you set it down so you keep the bottom clean; make sure you keep your makeup in a sealed makeup bag so you don't ruin the interior. however, if you get a little something on it, use a dampened white/undyed cloth and dab the area...white papertowels work during emergencies. if it's still stained...take it to a luggage repair shop (that you can trust) and have it professionally cleaned.

    p.s. if you use self tanners...it can possibly dye your bag so make sure you rinse it off before wearing it...enjoy!!!
  3. OMG congrats!!! :yahoo:

    That bag is on my list! :love:
  4. thanks girls!!

    i ended up getting the beige flap though hehehe.. i was too scared!
  5. Congratulations! Can't wait to see your pics!
  6. Do CHANEL white bags ever turn yellowish with age?
  7. ^^^ not that i've seen

    i discussed this problem w/ an SA @ Chanel Houston, and she said the caviar is easier to maintain, and if all else fails, you can always get it re-dyed in the future to keep it looking good for a long time

    i want a classic white flap too!
  8. I just got a white jumbo today in caviar leather, so if anyone has more tips on how to care for and store the white caviar leather please post here!

    I'm afraid of it yellowing over time. Any tips at all would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  9. I have the white washed caviar hybrid and I mainly wear black and grey (and navy and burgundy...no white or jeans anyway)...

    Any special precautions for this one? It seems I'm really going to baby this bag!!