Looking Adorable : Nicole @ Disney Couture

  1. I'm not sure about that coat, but otherwise she looks cute.
  2. She is a doll! Thanks for posting these Prada's Meadow!!
  3. she still needs to put on a few pounds, but she's looking much better!
  4. Ooooooh, she looks really cute!
  5. i dont like her:p

  6. Your welcome Sonic :heart:

    Actually, i should add, i dont like her shoes. :s
  7. Hate the outfit. She needs to go back to Rachel Zoe.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. what happened between her and Rachael Zoe?:confused1: :confused1:
  10. I think she's cute. She needs to kick those shoes off, though.
  11. glad to see that she is looking healthier.

    as for the rachel zoe thing, i believe she decided to let rachel go because she claimed rachel was a bad influence on her weight issues.. (pls correct me if i'm wrong)
  12. Ah, she looks good, definitely should ditch those shoes though!
  13. don't like the coat tho
  14. The ocat is too big, but otherwise cute.