Looking 4 Pic of a Weekend Coach Bag

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  1. Im looking for a picture of a bag of smilar design to this one. I saw it instore but I can't find it online at coach.com.
    Only managed to find tis pic tat is cloest in design & size on tis webbie given by one of member...


    Wanted it in Khaki Signature jacquard fabric with leather trimcolour.

    Does anyone happen to have a pic of it? Pls let me know...Really appreciate it :angel:
  2. Thanks REYNALDOC. I had saw tat one too. But its a baby bag, its much bigger than the one I saw instore. The size is just like the black one I posted.
  3. This bag is from last summer's collection, so the best I can tell you is to try the Coach outlets--plus, it did not come in signature fabric that I am aware of--came in the shiny Hamptons fabric only.
  4. Thanks alot FashionFrenzy & Harlem_cutie for ur info. Im not sure why I saw a similar one in signature fabric instore. :blink: Maybe different countries carry different stocks...
    Actually I wanted a pic so tat I can show my friend cos she is goin US frequently & she told me tat Coach is cheaper there than over here in Singapore. :idea:
  5. Hey ladies, I manage to get a pic of the bag im looking for already! Yeah....Take a look. Tis is the one im talking abt..:biggrin:
    Did anyone of u see it in NY?
    coach bag 1.jpg coach bag 2.jpg
  6. wut a cute bag :smile:
  7. Thats adorable! I hope someone can help you out, because that is such a cute bag! Shoot I want one, lol.
  8. some of those bags DO NOT look real :sick: and I think you can only buy Coach online from the Coach website
  9. Thank you so much Solei! You are good! Managed to find a nice pic of it. Yeah yeah tats the one I want to buy :P Is it a new designs btw?
    How come its not on Coach.com

    Thanks Harlem_cutie. I will be careful..
    So has anyone seen tis bag instore? How much is it selling for?
  10. I think this design is from last year, I remember seeing it online and in the stores then. You might be able to find it on eBay.
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