Looking 4 a grape twiggy with RH

  1. Just decided I would like to try and get a grape twiggy with RH. Like I need another bag but this color has struck my interest. I am in a purple mood and I want a knock out bag in purple..any suggestions!
  2. Hi, I'd suggest contacting Aloha Rag or Bal NY, if you are in the US? I am waiting for the same bag, yay! Good luck and post pics when you get one!
  3. yes call Aloha Rag... i ordered mine from there and it should be here Wednesday :smile:
  4. ^ everytime i look on aloha rag i cant find balenciaga on there!?
  5. You have to call them. They don't list Bal. They definitely have the rh twiggy in stock as of this weekend.
  6. Well I've e-mailed them about a grape twiggy but they haven't gotten back to me within 2 days so I've gone ahead and went to our local boutique and made an unexpected, non-purple find :smile:
    So if you want one, better call them if you can!
  7. yea i had written them a couple days ago as well and still haven't gotten a response, but i just called Saturday night and was able to talk to a lovely SA that answered all my questions.
  8. I sent an email order last night and hadn't heard anything back, so I called and the SA I spoke with was very helpful and confirmed that my order was being processed and a bag is being held for me.

    She said they currently had a lot of orders coming in and that they'll be replying to emails once your credit card information goes through and they have your FedEx number for you.