LOOKIN for my next bottega

  1. Hey everyone. Finally a bottega section. I've always loved bottega, although they are more expensive then everyone except Hermes. Humph.

    Anyhow, I'm looking to make my next purchase a bottega that has these criteria and I know there are a lot of bottega buffs out there that would know better than me:

    1: a bag with enough of a shoulder strap that you can carry it on your shoulder
    2. A bag big enough to fit a book and notebook yet at the same time, a great day bag that I can stuff a sweater, water, and all my goodies in
    3. has to be black, i get down and dirty when I use my bags for school
    4. please under 3,000 I've seen the prices on some totes and although absolutely to die for, spending 15,000 isn't really in my price range. . .or even close to it

    Suggestions? Thank you bv buffs, and yay :yahoo: for the start of a great section on the most beatiful works of art ever!!
  2. Sorry a few more things to add. .
    5. must be durable, not delicate
    6. somethign classic, simple, no need for too much design or protuding hardware

    okay thanks
  3. I'm thinking of the ball bag?
    Let me get a pic...
  4. Ball bag:
  5. Image from Saks.
    To be honest... I want it too!!!! :hysteric:

    ETA: hmm... 3 posts to say 1 thing... LOL
  6. bottega has a new canvas tote for a just a little over $700. it's on the BV website. you can definitely be rough with this bag. not sure if it comes in black though.
  7. [​IMG]

    I would suggest the Campana bag in Catalano leather. It's a tough, thick calfskin that you can wipe clean and is so durable. I love mine! It comes in two sizes, the one I'm showing you is the small, for around $1250 and the large is around $1650ish
    th_P1010003-3.jpg th_P1010018.jpg
  8. thanks you guys, you definately know a ton more about bottega then I do, and I am very careful with buying expensive bags b/c I don't but them that frequently so I want to make sure that I am getting one that I am 100% happy with
    I love the suggestions so far but am afraid that they may not be big enough, anything more toteish or more roomy I guess? thanks again everyone!
  9. the Large Campana can fit a WHOLE lot.

    my friend is almots 5'8" and she carries it beautifully!