Lookin' for an Herbag? I found 3 at Neimans - MARKED DOWN

  1. I was in the mist of getting my shopping on, when I popped into the Hermes concession and the SA told me she has 3 Herbags = Natural, Navy and Brown with Natural trim, $1,200 each.

    If you're interested or know someone who is, please give Angelika Manley a call 202-966-9700, ext. 2217 or visit her at Neiman's Mazza Gallerie, Washington, DC.

    Happy Holidays

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  2. Wow... thanks for the heads up. This is going to be a popular thread!
  3. Wow!
  4. Nice! Thanks DC-Cutie!!!!!!
  5. You're welcome ladies. If anyone gets one, please share:yes:
  6. i thought Herbags were discontinued by Hermes a few years ago???
  7. They were discontinued last year, I believe, and the stock won't be replenished once they are gone. You still see them in boutiques or NM occasionally!
  8. Thanks for posting! Test post I can't post on reseller's thread get error message.
  9. thanks for the info ladies :smile: