lookin for a messanger bag

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  1. Do you guys like the large musette or the tulum gm better. TIA
  2. tulum gm
  3. Mussete... I've always been a fan of the shape... :yes:
  4. i like the Musette. i myself have the Musette Salsa, and i love the shape of it. the Tulum GM is too bulky :blah:
  5. Mini Lin Saumur gets my vote for being a classy practical messenger bag. Besides being pretty!
  6. I agree the saumur is on my list
    but betwen the ones u metion
    I'd go for the mussete
  7. ITA
  8. I will vote for Musette
  9. I have the large mussette and I use it as an everyday bag. I love it a lot:love:
  10. When I think Messenger I think Abbesses... If that is too big though I would definitely entertain the thought of a Musette. It's an awesome bag. Good luck with your decision. :rolleyes:
  11. Tulum GM was way too big on me...... so i sent it back, then i bought Saumur in mono instead, one of my fav bag ever! very comfortable and usful! i bought Hudson GM in the past, very good looking bag, but not so comfortable in the shoulder. :heart:

    i have Musette Tango in Damier --- this was one of my fav BEFORE i had a baby, so comfortable and sharp looking, i used to wear it even when i was driving!