lookin for a little mc in my bag

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  1. I want a small accessorie in the MC white to have in my bag...any suggestions? I was thinking the wapity, or pochette mm, cles, or cozy. Any opinions or suggestions??? thanks:smile:
  2. I think the pochette mm is so cute!
  3. I would get the MC Wapity. :yes:
  4. I think it depends on the size of the bag. What bag(s) will you be using it with?
  5. I would be using it in my speedies and my BH.
  6. I got a MC Cozy! It's so cute!
  7. I say wapity then, its so usefull and cute!
  8. I say Wapity... since you have enough room in your bags.

    However, ichelle's cozy looks sooo cute!
  9. Wapity if going inside of a bag...its cute!
  10. wapity
  11. I would get a MC heart, cozy or wapity. MC is my favorite line.
  12. i like the heart coin purse. or my new astropill :smile:
  13. wapity, cozy, heat purse and koala are my favorite mc accessories.
  14. I do love the cozy, is it a wallet???
  15. astopills are cute, great for migraines too!:nuts: I'd like one of them, for the light part too!:heart: