Lookin' for a killer workout? I JUST FOUND IT!!!

  1. So for me, I get a better workout at the gym next to a girlfriend pretending we are in the race of a lifetime!

    Then we both got busy, quit meeting each other as we promised, and we quit going.

    Cancelled the membership...

    So ever since, I have been looking for a FUN, hard workout that keeps me coming back for more.

    I bought my own elliptical...thinking if I bought it I'd use it...it comes out every once in a while.

    Then I tried Turbo Jams. Loved it, but didn't keep me coming back.

    Then, HIP HOP ABS came out. Now a little something about me...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TO DANCE!!! :love: I love to shake my booty! I love to dip it low! :shame: And so when I found these DVD's, I had to buy 'em!

    I've had them for about 6 months. I had only done the one Cardio workout...DH liked it so much he even joined in a couple times...but like everything else, it got lost in the DVD shuffle. :push:

    So I have been having some problems lately (I have another thread out there about being sad...I am doing much better now! btw) but I knew for everything to be right again, I'd have to start working out again.

    I did so good today! I know it is only day one. Again. But I ate great and I shifted through the DVD pile and found HIP HOP ABS, Buns Hips and Thighs.

    I finally found the workout DVD that will keep me coming back! I got to rock my booty, workout out the terrible kinks in my spine and my a$$ couldn't be happier! Now I'll tell you I am sick as a dog right now, but knew I had to workout tonight. And I am SO GLAD I DID!!!!

    I can't wait to do it tomorrow! I get to dance, work out (break one hell of a sweat :sweatdrop:) but let me tell you what! My neck and back feel fabulous!!

    Let's just hope I can walk tomorrow! :yes:
  2. I saw the infomercial for that! I was really interested. The only problem is my place is pretty damn small so I don't think I'll have the space to move around like I'd want to. It looks so fun! Let us know how you progress (weight, strength, etc).
  3. Honestly, these are the funnest workout DVD's so far! It gives me a chance to work on my "fly" moves (yeah right!) and still burn oodles of calories!
  4. Haha this reminds me: I need to break out my bellydancing abs that hasn't even been opened yet!! :shame::shrugs:
  5. Oh, do tell how much you like it! I've always wanted to learn!!!
  6. I have Hip Hop Abs and I LOVE it! I rotate it with a few of my other workout DVDs. Definitely a lot of fun!
  7. oooh!I wanna try this...LOL....
  8. oooo this sounds fun!
  9. omg i saw this on tv for sooooo long. never got it because i wasnt sure if it was any good. hows the music??
  10. I made myself a promise to do my Carmen Electra Cardio Striptease DVDs on the nights I don't have class.

    Actually, I've learned the routines, so I don't need the DVD anymore, so I put on the appropriate song and just do them.

    I recently discovered how much fun it is to do the floor routine to 50 Cent's Ayo Technology.
  11. So...

    Did the 5 minute quick AB workout tonight and it was to Usher's, "Yeah!"
  12. This sounds so fun! I dont live in the U.S but is there an online place where i could buy them?
  13. Yeah, but I don't remember what the web site it...just do a search for hip hop abs...you'll find it that way!
  14. Sweet! Something new to try!