lookin for a Gucci Waistbag

  1. Hello,

    New to this forum. I'm looking to purchase a Gucci Waistbag. Any suggestions on a good site that offers a discount?

    Thank you
  2. Thank you for your reply!!
  3. I haven't seen it but you should ask a SA whenever you get a chance to go to the Gucci store. Because a lot of times they don't display everything that they have (like diff. colors or sizes) sometimes the "good stuff" are in the back and you have to ask for it. GOOD LUCK! I hope you find it! ;)

  4. i find that the ones with the colored (green/red) waist strap is longer than the older solid brown or black ones. but that's just me.
  5. I've seen it the other day @ Gucci. I loved it, but DH said it looks like a fanny pack or something that Hulk Hogan would wear, I replied But it's a gucci!!!! and he said it is a fanny bag! They are so beautiful.
  6. I love my Gucci 'fanny packs' hahaha /\ /\