Lookin' for a Gryson Olivia for around $500...

  1. Don't know if I'm living in a dream world or not, but if anyone sees one, please think of me...

    Looking for either blue jean or black.

  2. Thanks!!!

    (I'm kinda leaning toward a more neutral color, but this listing gives me hope...)
  3. This one is $895 at Adasa, but you can use the 20% discount.[​IMG]:smile:
    This Naomi in black is regular priced at $795, but is on sale for $477.[​IMG]
  4. Not sure if that discount is going to take in the long run but $428 is still the cheapest I've seen so far.
  5. wow - $428.00
    Great deal!
  6. I just checked the site and it looks like it's gone? Too bad, I was tempted by the discount!
  7. I tried ordering this and while it initially went through, they contacted me saying they had a lot of orders at once and had to cancel. However, they also let me know they had a chocolate and a caramel (not on website). I just found out that I was able to get the chocolate Gryson for $332!
  8. Did they call you on that? I haven't gotten any emails from them.
  9. I just received an email this morning.
  10. Oh goodie so maybe mine is OK

    eta-I probably exploded their server once I posted this here.
  11. I hope your order went through.

    Yes, I'm sure they weren't ready to handle the outcome of a tpf posting of such a great sale.
  12. YAY! Mine shipped. So glad because I like the grey and really wouldn't want the other colors.
  13. I just looked at their new line. Really gorgeous! I am waiting to get my hands on a woven version.