Lookin' for a FENDI Spy

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here so please excuse me if I'm repeating!
    I'm dying for a Fendi Spy bag & finaly decided that I will go for it!! I just don't know where to look to find the best deals. I'm not intersted in eBay because I'm afraid to take a chance & end up with a fake! I found Jomashop but are they authentic??? Where else can I look for the best deals?? HELP!!
  2. Welcome
    Jomashop are authentic and offer the best deals, their is also Saks, NM, Eluxury, Styledrops.com is also authentic but a bit pricey. Its OK to buy on eBay lots of people on here buy from their just get the bag check in the authentic section first.
  3. Yeah like Saich said there are a lot of great deals on eBay so post any links you want in the authentication thread here and let all the experts here help you out to determine a real from a fake

    good luck
  4. Here's on a white one on sale on this site:

    Clearance Sale

    Adding that this is not my site, but if anybody has purchased from them before, please comment.
  5. Don't this site sells fake?
  6. hey tnx for th ehelp.. i guess ill be returning it :sad: still cant find the authentication thread... thnk u
  7. Amna, it is at the top of the threads and says

    Read Me: Authenticate this Fendi:

    here is a link to use next time before making future purchases: