Lookie What's In BROWN Now!!

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  1. WHY???WHY???WHY?????
    OMG...I must have it...LOL.....
  2. ^^^How DID I know that? :graucho:
  3. ^U r way too enabling girl!LOLOL!
  4. By chance did you notice that Saks has the descriptions backwards? So, if anyone is going to order this from Saks, be sure you are ordering the correct wallet. ;)
  5. They have the wrong pictures for the price tags/descriptions for sure! I didn't even notice!! I was so surprised to see these in brown that I didn't read the descriptions!

    Hey, you can save $15 on the zip close if you hold their feet to the fire on their SNAFU! ;)
  6. ^^You are an enabler. LOL

    Did you get one yet?
  7. ^^^I got the zip close.....IN RED! :yahoo:
  8. That brown is TDF!!!:drool:
  9. OMG!!!!! absolutely gorgeous!!!
  10. :drool: It's gorgeous, I have to have the flap version...
    I have the zip in black and it's huge!!
  11. I can almost feel the softness! So pretty!
  12. Wow it is lovely.
  13. ^^That red would go nicely with one of my new red bags. I've had a thing for red lately.

    Didn't you just get a different new wallet??