Lookie What I Won On Ebay Today!!!!!!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Do you like my new bag!!!I'm soooooooooo excited, I can't hide it!!Pls share your happiness w/ me. All together now.....
    3e_1.jpg 3.gif
  2. congratulations!!
  3. beautiful, Congrats!
  4. GORGEOUS!!! Please post pics when you receive her!

    It's too bad I don't approve of shill bidding because that seller has a lot of beautiful purses.
  5. Mello - Was it you who told me she would do that. I didn't want to believe it and wanted to back out so bad at first, but I've been lookig for tjis bag forever/I just wanted the bag to be legiit not fake
  6. I'd like to know what that bag retails for in stores. Congrats, it's lovely.
  7. I mentioned that seller's shill bidding a few days ago. Congrats on your new purchase, though! How much did it go for?
  8. $1025
  9. Oops, I hate to be the curmudgeon here, but is that a real bag?
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