Lookie what I just picked up from the post office...*reveal*

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  1. I really lucked out! After being on the hunt for the past couple of months I finally got my hands on one! :yahoo:

  2. :graucho:

  3. awww.. i guess nobody's around for a live reveal? :wondering
  4. Im lookin, Im lookin!!! Show us what you got!!!
  5. I'm anxiously waiting:amuse:
  6. oh yay! then on with the show! :biggrin:

  7. a little slip off the shoulder... any ideas?

  8. boston????
  9. cmon! this is my first live reveal!
  10. well i know i'm not the first one to get this bag from this group, but i haven't seen anyone else post pics of theirs.. so here's mine... the medium joy boston in gunmetal crystal GG's!

    my phone pics really don't do this bag justice.. i just love how the bag shines and glitters in the light!

  11. Here she is being greeted by her sisters! :biggrin:

  12. Congrats on your awesome gunmetal boston!!!! It's like the must-have boston for awhile now!
  13. its beautiful honey
  14. beautiful:dothewave:
  15. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: