Lookie what I got!!

  1. she is here! I was trying to find a bag I could carry, and not have to baby or worry about. that I could just carry and love. Hopfully I do the picture right. I already dressed and filled her lol.

    I think its the *perfect* bag!:heart:
  2. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  3. very nice! i love how you accessorized her!
  4. so adorable, love it. Congrats!
  5. Thanks!! I am so excited. I love the ergos, but hate having to be soo gentle with leather, scratches bug me lol, but this is perfect. I can carry it and not worry

    and am I the only one who loves the smell of coach bags?? I may need theropy
  6. So Pretty!! :smile:
  7. :heart:Scrumptious:heart:
  8. ^^^ You're definitely not the only one! I sat there and smelled the leather on my Ergo for a good 10 minutes when I first got it, and the only reason why I stopped at 10 minutes is because I got a phone call! LOL! I think I'm really weird though because I also smell all of my keyfobs and charms--I love the leather on them. It's just so yummy!
  9. LOL glad to know I am not alone!! if DH ever caught me smelling my bags and charms, he may ban me:nogood:
  10. I'm a sniffer, I smell everything. LOL Congrats on the bag, its beautiful!
  11. Sure nice!!! I'm a sniffer too, guilty. My hubby thinks I'm crazy for sniffing and giggling and clapping and looking in the mirror and laughing out loud when I wear a ne bag for the first time....
  12. we should start a thread for the closet siffers. mabye we should all raise our hand and admit it haha

    I love the red one also, but I dont think I can pull off red, it just dosent match anything I wear really

    I cant wait until the patent totes come out, I may have to get one of those also
  13. Congrats! :yahoo: Gorgeous bag!!! :drool: You have great taste! :tup: Haha I could see the looks on your DH's face- (in this order) :shocked::huh::rolleyes::nogood:
  14. Oh Patches...this is the bag I ordered Saturday, I can't wait til it gets here!! I'm so excited about it, I've wanted it since it came out in May.
    I have the same scarf as you too! You got good taste I tell ya ;)
  15. so cute - congrats!!