Lookie what I got! :)

  1. I was stressing out about an event I went to last night and went shopping yesterday and picked up these two. I went with the black and green first but didn't like how it looked right then (need to drink more water, lol), so I went with the one on the left. It was soooo cute. I wore it with the shoes below. I stood all night and they were comfortable til about the last 30 minutes. I had so much fun! :yahoo:

    The first dress is by Mixit and the second is by Bisou Bisou.

    Gabriella Rocha.
  2. is it just me? cuz i can't see any photo
  3. Really? Let me see what's wrong.
  4. Very beautiful!!! Both dresses are so niiiiice and the shoes you wore are tdf.:heart:
  5. Hope this works!
    100_1965.jpg blackshoes.jpg
  6. Thanks! They were cute yet comfortable. My kind of shoe. :yes:
  7. I really like the first dress. Very cute shoes too !
  8. I really like what you wore!
  9. ^^ Thanks ya'll. :blush:
  10. I love the dress you decided to wear! Great choice!
  11. Very nice!
  12. wow... i love the 1st dress a lot!
    very vintage style :yes:
  13. Thanks. I loved it. It has ruffled sleeves and was sooo comfortable. Plus it doesn't hurt that it makes my waist look smaller :graucho: .
  14. i like the 2nd dress its very cute
  15. Oooo...I LOVE wrap dresses!!!