Lookie what I got to do this morning! A rescue pup gets a new home

  1. I had the most fun morning. I was able to help transport a sheltie named Disco (from the same rescue my boys came from) to his new mom! He is a puppymill rescue and is only about a year old. He was timid but soooo sweet. He is making a trek today all the way from Tenn. to South Carolina to his forever home! :tender: I was one leg of the trip.

    My sheltie Presley (who funnily enough looks SO much like Disco) got to come along for the ride :smile: By this evening Disco will be to his new mom, who is so excited to get to bring him into her family! I love stories with happy endings :tender:

    Isn't he handsome?!? Who says rescue dogs can't be purebreds? :love:
    P9210033.jpg P9210013.jpg P9210054.jpg P9210041.jpg
  2. Here's my buddy Presley, who enjoyed the road trip:
    P9210021.jpg P9210040.jpg P9210050.jpg
  3. You're an angel!! A really, really nice angel!:flowers:
  4. Oh, he's so handsome. You did good helping that boy get home to his mommy! I love happy endings!
  5. Thanks guys! Lee you're so sweet :love: Disco is definitely the most angelic of anyone that was in that car today ;) I feel lucky to have gotten to help him!
  6. Aww, how sweet! The only trouble I'd have with foster / rescue care is not wanting to give them up! :shame:
  7. Wowww, they're both so cute! Congrats!
  8. Yippee! Disco found a forever home. Glad you got to be part of the journey.
  9. how sweet!!!
    look how happy he looks!!
  10. So cute! He is a very handsome boy.

    One of my pugs name is Disco. I have never come across another dog with the same name.
  11. What a great looking dog..congrats!!
  12. AWWW! He's gorgeous!! Dont ya just love helping animals?~
  13. that's great to hear!! what a wonderful thing you did for that cutie pie.
  14. TTucker ur a Gem!! i hope presley is settling into the new home just fine.. Loads of Luck!!..
  15. awww He's gorgeous!!! and it's so heartwarming to hear when puppymill rescues get new homes. Bless your heart for doing this.:heart::heart::heart: