Lookie what I got from the back yesterday...

  1. I want a new checkbook cover, but don't need the whole wallet/checkbook combo. Yesterday at the Coach store I was telling this to an SA, asking for Coach to just sell a cover. She said let me show you something we just got in, you might like it. And boy did I ever! (I might have liked it a little more because it's not on the floor yet:tup:)
  2. Congrats, that's what I'm looking for too. Just a checkbook cover! I think I'll have to check into one of those!
  3. I'm confused, did you just buy the cover, or the whole wallet? If you were able to just buy the cover, how much was it? How did they let you do that without buying the whole wallet, or did they just have extra?

    Am i missing something?
  4. No I bought the whole thing. I liked that the checkbook cover was unique, not just brown leather. I probably won't use the whole thing, just the cover, but it's beautiful either way!
  5. Very nice :smile:
  6. ooh, gotcha!

    it's lovely. i have it on my wishlist actually!
  7. Very cute.
  8. Cute!!! The bleecker stuff will be at my store on Monday. I can't wait to see them in person!
  9. OOOOH! i really like that! congrats! but i just don't like the hot pink lining inside, a little too much pink for me. but i love the outside color, and the plaid lining inside too. congrats!
  10. I LOVE the fun colors on the insides of these wallets. It makes me enjoy them even more!
  11. Candy, is that the British tan large wallet with the checkbook in brown that just comes out for $248. I am confused too. i got the wine and really like the British tan better than the plain wine wallet for it is dark. But, I do not take a checkbook with me. Thanks!! Beautiful!!!. It goes with our ergo vintage hobo's very well. Love the pink inside!!!
  12. thats lovely