Lookie what I got for V-Day!!!

  1. My DH went overboard this V-day:yahoo: . I couldn't believe my eyes when he brought them out one by one. He had put me on a ban. Now I know why:p . I think he's a keeper:love: . A few items he bought me aren't LV's so I'll post them first. That's how he gave them to me. He gave it to me in the order of good, better, best. No offense:shame: .

    First he gave me a Coach bag with the charms in my initals and a slipper one.

    Then he gave me this Rasta Dior shopper that he bought from a client. It's perfect!!!

    Then he gave me my babies below!!!:heart:
  2. WHOA!!! That is some baby baby!
  3. Wow! That's alot of gifts for valentines! Congratulations!
  4. wow! great haul
  5. Wow! I need to show my BF this thread :rolleyes:
    Congrats! Congrats!:yes:
  6. WOW! congrats! :biggrin:
  7. Great gifts! Congrats to you & sweet hubby for buying them.
  8. I know. I couldn't believe it. My jaw dropped. I've recently got the LV itch and I'm usually a hard person to shop for. He's always bummed that he can never find something I really like. Till now.
  9. Yowza! Congrats!
  10. He gave u every single thing?? :drool: Oh my gosh!!!!!! Everything is Beautiful! U must be so happy!
  11. I am work and photo bucket is blocked. I can't wait till I get home...what did she get?!
  12. Congrats. :yes:
  13. DAMN christmas is going to be amazing at your house ...

  14. my god! what a good girl you've been ;)

    Congratulations :smile:
  15. WOW! Lucky you! Congrats!