Lookie what I got :D

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  1. Woop, she's so pretty, just went to pick her up from Harvey Nichols :biggrin:


  2. awww so cute :p congrats!!!
  3. Very nice, congrats on your new purchase ! :yes:
  4. Cutie!
    Great colour! :p
  5. Cute! :tup:
  6. Congrats, it's really cute!
  7. aww so pretty!! congrats :smile:
  8. so pretty! congrats! (:
  9. so gorgeous!
  10. so cute! and prettyy!
  11. So pretty, is that bubblegum?
  12. sweet:nuts:
  13. So cute!! I love how she looks so icy-pink in the picture!!
  14. so cute congrats!
  15. Sooooooooo cute! congrats!!