Lookie! What do you think of my new purchase!

  1. I drove 2 hours to orlando to get my DY ring resized and eat with a friend (and drop off another friend to get his car)... i couldn't resist going into LV and look what happened!!!! I bought the A La Folie Ring!!!!

    but i need some practical answers... i was really considering getting the Damier Azur Mini Accessories Pouch being my next small items purchase to use for my big bags and for school. In all practical sense i seem to be living ok without a little pochette to hold things but then again.. i could live ok without another ring... brass rings are hard too (SA said it won't chip or look horrible after a couple years but i don't know... hmm)

    Maybe you can give your opinions on the folie line too... while you're here:smile:
    Plez excuse the bone-y fingers...
    100_2314.JPG 100_2317.JPG 100_2318.JPG 100_2321.JPG 100_2322.JPG
  2. I think it looks really pretty on you.. your fingers aren't bony at all!
  3. I really love that ring and it looks stunning against your skin color!

  4. i'll get the mini pochette as i'm not a jewellery person :p. but again as u said both items are okay not to have so maybe u can get a bigger bag or something u really really want :smile:. congrats on a new LV item!
  5. well I'm no help then, because I'm a bags and jewelry person (accessory person all around) and I love the ring on your finger...it looks great. I say keep it!!
  6. I like it. Congrats on the new purchase! :smile:
  7. Cute! Congrats.
  8. pretty :smile: thanks for sharing.
  9. So cute! How much did it cost you?
  10. just under $240 and thats including tax!! It's $225 without tax - same price as the azur mini pouch :p

    I have yet to show my bf. he'll probably roll his eyes but we'll see. he did like the sweet monogram earrings i got heh
  11. Im totally gonna try to hunt one down to look at tomorow :tup:
  12. I like it a lot!!!! It looks great on your hand!..... but I rather get a pochette over a ring.. and your fingers aren't bony!!!
  13. It's really cute! I tried that on, isn't the inside uncomfy? I bought the white gold fleur ring!!! I absolutely LOVE it.:love:
  14. thank you for the compliments! and lol you're right lvmh_lvr the inside when you try to take it off has resistance to like the joint area or whatever its called b/c of the points that the flower makes underneath. =/ bf is saying its not worth 200+, maybe 100 but not 200, but considers it nice. i like it a lot but i'm beginning to see his point. That and already having a ring waiting to be used on my finger.. i'm a one ring kinda girl
  15. its lovely on you. its so cute.