Lookie what came in the mail today at the BEST time!!!

  1. After spending the AM at the pediatrician's office w/ my poor, :throwup:'g daughter, and receiving that patchwork Carly w/ peeling python today...my luck changed, thankfully!!!! My red patent heart key charm arrived this afternoon!!!!!! Here is a pic of her on my chocolate duffle (compliments of my mom who is THE BEST!!! She bought the duffle for herself, didnt like it and GAVE IT to me!!!!) I was using my chocolate duffle today IN CASE I had to run out w/ my sick daughter for an emergency!!! There will be NO :throwup: ANYWHERE near my new ergos!!!! :roflmfao: Since the duffle was already used by my mom for a little while, it's OK to use it near a sick child!!!! :roflmfao: Anyway, here is my new heart charm that made me smile today!!!!!!!! :smile: Just in time for Valentine's Day and chocolate!!!
    and here is the duffle w/ just my kids' initials!!!!
    I was so excited to see the heart keycharm in the mailbox today not only b/c I am having the world's worst day, but b/c I LOVE how the red looks against the chocolate brown bags, and I have alot of chocolate brown bags!!! Reminds me of Valentine's Day chocolate YUM YUM YUM!!!! enjoy!!!
  2. I am so glad you got it today and you love it.. I absolutely love mine!!! :yahoo:
  3. Glad you like it. I hope your DD gets well soon. poor little girl :sad:
  4. It looks great!!! I love that duffle... maybe I should get me one of those :angel:
  5. Love the heart, glad it brightened up your day a bit.

    Hey J.M. are my initials
  6. Isn't it funny how almost everyone's post about a bag gets someone or many people saying this?!? :roflmfao: And just to enable you, this was my first coach bag I bought and it is a great one! :tup: :graucho:
  7. i know how stinky it is having a sick kid, i hope she gets better soon!

    your duffle with the heart is STUNNING!!!! the bag is gorgeous in your picture!! congrats!
  8. I was so happy to see this post from you...You SOOO needed that to come today! Love the duffle by the way~:drool:
  9. it's too cute! and thanks for all the chocolate talk...now i am craving some...lol. and i hope your DD feels better soon. poor lil thing.
  10. Mommyville, I love that charm on your lovely duffle. What a great gift from your mom.
    I can see you like chocolate alot in your collection. Congrats on that lovely charm!
    I think I have to get one too!
  11. I love the red patent heart! it is so pretty! it looks great on your chocolate duffle too...such great timing after such a dissapointment this morning!
  12. Mommyville, love the chocolate duffle. Is that 10402 or 10403?
  13. Yay! I'm glad your day got better!!! :biggrin:

    The heart looks FAB against that yummy chocolate!!
  14. I am not trying to answer for her but since I know she is gone for a while.. it is 10403 :yes:
    And btw girls incase you didn't know.. this keychain is at the outlets now! :tup:
  15. Fieldsinspring, thanks so much!!