Lookie What A Friend Of Mine Picked Up For Me...

  1. I attached a link to an auction with great pictures of the handbag my friend just picked up and MAILED to my house...I was looking for a purse...And she sent me a message she was going to an Outlet...And I was like...:drool:...And was telling her I wouldn't know what I would do if I had a chance to go to one. And she said..."Show me a few styles you like and I'll see if they have them..." Wasn't that so nice of her...And now...Today I got to use my Coach Chelsea Field bag and got TONS of compliments on it while I was out and about doing errands and did lunch out.

  2. It's very pretty, and I love pebbled leather purse.. Enjoy!!:yes:
  3. That is super cute. Good friend too!
  4. Wow, very cute!
  5. VERY NICE, CONGRATS... wear it with a smile :smile:. By the way, can I borrow your friend? LOL
  6. ohhh I need to find a friend like that! :p all of the friends I have now think I need therapy for my addiction. I think they may be starting to plan an intervention or something!
  7. Treat your friend to lunch, that was sooooooooo nice! Enjoy your new bag!!!
  8. What a sweet friend! Congratulations!
  9. Very pretty, practical purse for fall/winter. CongratS!

  10. Sorry nutz4purses...I am not lending her out at this time...;)

    aemmy...I have friends like that...But the sadest thing is I think my husband is the ring leader...:rolleyes: Some people just don't understand...:nogood:

    Coachgrl...I wish I could...She lives in another state...Thus the reason the bag was mailed and not hand delivered...I really need to think of something nice to do for her though...

    Thanks... And yes she truly is...:smile:

    Toxicgarden...I believe that was her thinking as well...And I do agree with the both of you.;)
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!!! I picked her up at the outlets this past Wednesday and have NOT stopped using her! In fact, I left the outlets w/ her filled w/ my stuff, came home, snipped her tag, and left to do more shopping, lunch at a pizzeria (dont have to worry about stains on pebbled leather!!!!) and she has not left my side since! She is lightweight, VERY comfy on the arm, and looks ADORABLE!!!! I cannot believe the amount of compliments I have gotten on her already! Wherever I go, someone says what a beautiful bag!!! I bought her in mahogany as well! She can be used in ANY kinds of weather, and you can take her ANYWHERE, even ickey places w/o worrying!!! Congrats on your new bag, ENJOY her and you have a WONDERFUL friend w/ GREAT taste!!!!
  12. Very cute! My mom has it in blue & it's a great bag!
  13. I'm taking her on a "date" tonight w/ my hubby!!!! We hired a babysitter and we are going out to dinner for a FEW hours!!!! I NEVER take my bags to restaurants, but I feel that w/ pebbled leather you dont have to worry about stains/etc!!! I bought the Chelsea pebbled leather large hobo today as well (in mahogany too!) What can I say? I am a BROWN BAG GAL!!!!!! LOLOL How are you liking her?
  14. Oh what an awesome friend! Beautiful bag!!!!!!!
  15. What a great friend!! Congrats on the new bag!