Lookie! See What Santa is Bringing Me!

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  1. I've been lusting for one of the antic brown Prada wallets since they came out back in the fall but could never justify the price. I just scored this loverly wallet for $255! Still obscene for a wallet, but I really love this one. Being zippered, it can double as a clutch when I don't want to drag an entire handbag out with me. It should be here by Monday at the latest. I also attached a couple of other angles.

    Hey Jill, I know you have the fold over version, but don't you have the zipper version too?

    Whatcha think? :nuts:



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  2. ^I have the foldover version of this one and I LOVE IT! Where did you get it from ..Thats a great price!Congrats!
  3. :nuts:
  4. GORGEOUS!!!!!! Congrats
  5. Prada Psycho, congrats!!! I love the color, so gorgeous. =)
  6. Looks beautiful. Where did you purchase it from?
  7. i don't find 255 obscene at all for a gorgeous 100% leather wallet like that!! that's so rare!

    what i do find obscene is 700 for vuitton canvas or $1000 goyard canvas!!! :rant:
  8. OMG! Check this out IRL!! The second I picked it up out of the box, it even FELT like Prada! I knew it was also lined in leather, but even the inside leather is like BUTTA! I'm going to quit complaining about what I paid for it, now that I've got it in my hot little hands. :graucho:

    Oh, Jill & chipoman81, I got it from Bluefly. Yes, I still trust them. :yes:

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  9. Lovely! I love that color.
  10. Eeesh! For CANVAS?? Uh, nope, no way! :wtf:
  11. Apologies in advance, but I HAVE to gush some more!!! I LOVE THIS WALLET!! :heart:

    I was able to consolidate three different things in my bag into this wallet and there's still room for more. I had a french Brighton wallet, a small credit card holder and a larger credit card holder/wallet (yes, I have too many credit cards!), all fairly stuffed full and there was even room for my Waterman Expert pen (that's the fat, chunky one) in the open area.

    It even SMELLS yummy!:love:

    Okay, disgusting gushing over. Good grief, I don't think I've carried on THIS much about my new Gucci Amalfi. :shame:
  12. Congrats - great deal!!!!!!!
  13. waw...congratz...
    great priceee!!!
  14. nice wallet! congrats!
  15. it's gorgeous!! congrats!! :nuts:

    i had that same wallet style in black saffiano a couple years back--holds a TON!!