lookie: Mini Lin frame bag/clutch (new pic)

  1. i don't think they have been released yet, but she's got hers already -

    (photo taken from TheSartorialist)

    i love it. all you ladies should put your name down for one too! :graucho:
  2. It's cute (is it satin?).
  3. That is pretty :girlsigh:
  4. O:huh: its pretty but no money...im jobless for a month and i spent enough these two weeks
  5. just curious, does anyone know how much this bag will be and when it is scheduled to come out?
  6. The Mini Lin line is same material as the Ishfahan Men's bags from the S/S 2005 Collection. ;)
  7. It's cute but too small for me :sad: and I'm trying to save up for something else
  8. I recall seeing it in Aus Vogue and I THINK the price was $2,500 AUS $$$:Push:
  9. Ooooh man, I can't wait !
  10. Oooh, serious? :wtf:
    Well the price just totally turned me off from buying it, might as well get something from the denim, mc or even the suhali line :nuts:

    I always thought that the mini lin would be similarly priced to the monogram mini since it's the line that's replacing it...I guess not :s
  11. I don't think it was the Lin fabric but satin (hence the price)???
  12. This is the new Monogram Satin bag, not mini lin.
  13. OMG!!! i want one!!:nuts: :yahoo: :confused1: but for the price??? oh no!!:wtf: :Push:
  14. looks so cute
  15. i saw it yesterday on the website :yes:! i want the black one:tender:!