Lookie! Lookie!

  1. I got a belated Christmas gift from my best friend!
    A Juicy Cupcake for my Deauville!!!
    108-0823_IMG.JPG 108-0824_IMG.JPG
  2. Sooooo cute!!!! I LOVE it!!! valentines cupcake... yum yum....
  3. That is tooo cute... is there a diamond on the top of that cupcake??
  4. adorable:love:
  5. It's a "diamond"-encrusted cherry!
    And the top of the cupcake is hinged, and opens up. It's so sweet!
  6. Awww,that's sooo cute.
  7. cute :smile:
  8. That is so cute...congrats!
  9. *cute*
  10. Adorable - I love the Juicy charms as purse charms. They're so big to wear on a charm bracelet, but just right for purses.

    The cupcake is just lovely!
  11. aWWWh so cute!
  12. so cute...
  13. so cute, you inspired me a while agi and i got a ladybug! but i can't figure out how to get it on my damier speedy!
  14. Nice patina on that Deauville!!! :nuts:
  15. sehr cute!