Lookie Lookie!!!!

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  1. Here is the miniature of my aquamarine. :yahoo: This is one of the styles we will be selling. Tell me what YOU think! It's a white quartz emerald cut. VERY affordable:yes:
  2. 2 more. Excuse my frost bitten bone dry hands;)
  3. Wow! Incredible! You have the most amazing jewelry Chag!!!!
  4. that ring is gorgeous!!
  5. ^totally
  6. wow, it is sooo pretty! I want one! But I bet it costs a fortune!
  7. that's gorgeous.
    is white quartz very durable? i've never heard of it used in jewelry before...
  8. What a beautiful ring! I want one!

    It seems to be very expensive...
  9. No, it isn't !! LOOKS very expensive. But it's not too bad. I don't have the final cost but I believe it will be in the 400-500 range
  10. Its gorgeous! I would buy it.
  11. As with any stone, you hit it hard enough it will break. I have gone thru two large carat diamonds from hitting it in just the *right* spot. Broke both and they are worthless. All stones have weaknesses. This is a great stone and they are clear and nice. Some have a tint to them, the other sample had a pinkish undertone. Very beautiful:yes:
  12. Pretty, do you have a website?
  13. Only for diamonds. I don't have a website that sells online, sorry:smile:
  14. The ring is gorgeous! I really like the setting.

    I didn't realize that you could break a diamond, but I think I have done just that to my engagement ring, or at least put a big crack across the center.
  15. Yes, you can break a diamond at certain points-don't ask me how i know :sad:

    Anyway-I lOVE this Chag!