Lookie, Lookie, Twin Kitties!

  1. :winkiss: Hi everyone, Thought I'd show ya what the Fedex guy brought today... Thats me on the left, I'm 5 ft 3 and that's my best friend on the right and she's 5 ft 11. Come on and give us some congrats on these putty kats!!!!!:yes: :yahoo:
  2. where's your tops? LOL!
  3. *speechless*
    err.oh yeah! congrats?! i was distracted by something else :shame: :angel:
  4. you look like the models on the homepage of vuitton.com! lovely!
  5. LMAO! THis is a hilarious picture without your tops! I am cracking up! Nice boobies and bags!
  6. OMG LOL Nice bags....LOL
  7. lmao

    you are too funny, girlie.
  8. OMG where'd you get your boo...Adeles! :shame::shame::shame:

    Seriously, I actually really like it. I hope it would look just as good on me with my shirt on! hehehe!
  9. That's hot!
  10. Why are you guys topless? OMG! Hope no screaming children :wtf: Love the bags!:heart:
  11. Um, congrats...
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAH :smile: SEXY!!!!...


    yeah nice bags and boobies :smile:

  13. I second that
  14. :wtf:
    bags are nice LOL what happened to your shirts?

    I sure hope that was in your backyard..
  15. :yahoo: Its good to be a little eccentric! We didn't have any scarves like the models so we thought.....what the Heck, we went avante garde.....or avante garden hose (notice it's between us!) HAHAHAHAH!
    Thanks guys! We love ya!