Lookie, lookie, lookie!!

  1. This was sooo hard for me to wait until yesterday to open!! :cry:

    It was my birthday (I'm not shy :lol: ) and even though I am into another decade....I have these to keep me happy.

    As I was putting them away last night in their boxes, hubby asked what I was doing. I guess he thought I was packing them up to be returned. :amazed: Nope, I said, just putting them to sleep for the night. :biggrin:


    Can you tell what they are?
  2. How about now?
  3. they could be just anything!! How fun for you no matter what they are! (I still want to see) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  4. I really wanted to do the "strip tease" from the beginning....when the bow was on the box, but alas I forgot last night. :blink:

    Introducing....my new Louis Vuitton Saleya MM.

    My first LV ever. :P

    PS...sorry the last picture is so blurry...I'm still learning. :smile:

    I'm on my way out right now...chat with you all in a little bit. :smile:
    LV3P4240634.JPG LV4P4240637.JPG LV5P4240638.JPG LV6P4240639.JPG
  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Can't wait to see them!
  6. I think I've seen that--is it a tote bag? If it's the one I've seen, it's NICE!!!
  7. Hey--it is the one I've seen. When I posted my previous reply, the actual picture wasn't up yet!


  8. wow lucky lady! happy birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday and enjoy!! Two beautiful pieces.
  10. Beautiful. I'm just like you, I love playing with my purses. Always take them in and out of their sleepers just to look at them. Hubby thinks I'm whacko. It's a very classy bag! Enjoy!
  11. Nice!!!!:love:
  12. Lovely! Congrats!
  13. A VERY Happy Birthday....Such Beautiful Gifts! ENJOY!
  14. sooo gorgeous! happy birthday!
  15. Please post a pic of you with the bag. I am totally in love with the idea of a Damier tote so I would really appreciate a shot of how it looks being carried!