lookie lookie at what i got ,, Tupelo AKA Elvis

  1. OK guys ,, First of all let me say that I am an LV collector! and I take my "hobby" very seriously .. I just thought i'd share with you u one of the peices in my collection. IT IS MY FAVOURITE!! you will never appreciate it until you see it in real life. Too bad i'm a guy and I cant use them :p .. but my ex-gf used to love carrying them around(ofcourse some of them, like this one, were only allowed to be used during special occaisions:upsidedown:) ,, anyways if you guys r really interested in seeing which other bags i have PM me and please let me know ..
    i do have a favor as a tradation and custom in my counrty(Saudi Arabia), when we see something we like we always say mashallah to protect it from harm and the evil eye :smile: ,, enjoy the pics
    01.JPG 02.JPG SS06TupeloPM.jpg
  2. Whoa nice bag!
  3. um, you collect bags?
    will you marry me?
  4. thanks dear :smile: ,, i love this peice so much ,, i think of it as peice of jewellery :heart:
  5. Oh wow it's stunning!
  6. love it, congrats!!

  7. SURE!! what r the terms?? :p:p
  8. its hot!
  9. wow :drool:
  10. what other babies do you have in your collection?

    we could possible be flooding the world here with our drooling.
  11. thanks u guys!!! I'm really glad i found people who like it too :upsidedown:
  12. no no no dear ,, not now :p,, give me a couple of weeks till my new additions arrive and i will create a whole new thread with EVERYTHING!! just waterproof ur keyboards :p ,,
  13. exquisite details....
  14. Oh gosh, congrats!!
    I saw that bag in a couple of stores and loved it every time!
  15. amazing bag! congrats!