Lookie! I got something in the mail today ...

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  1. It's the Manolo Blahnik Arsenia in Pony :yahoo:

    Best part about it? I got on sale from Neimans plus I also received a mini-gift (3 MB notepads and a pen :Push:smile: ... sweet!

    Thanks for allowing me to share ;)

    Attached Files:

  2. OMG!
    Such beautiful shoes! And on sale! Congratulations!
  3. *Drops dead from the gorgeousness*. :heart::drool:
  4. gorgeous!
  5. they're hot! congrats!!
  6. I love these.
  7. STUNNING! I just found them on the BG website...but they only have a size 40!! ACK! I'm a 41! -I love leopard, but passed on these... seeing your photos, though, it was a mistake - I *love* the way it looks on the foot!!
  8. So hot! I love it!
  9. So hot.
  10. LOVE them!!
  11. Those are so hot!!
  12. ooo! those are gorgeous. congrats.
  13. sexy shoes! congrats on the shoes and its always a plus with an extra gift!:smile:
  14. What a find! What does the notepad look like?
  15. I love them!! peep toe and leopard my two favorites. congrats on the deal