Lookie!! I got a new Saleya MM

  1. And I love it!! :yahoo: I'm already thinking about my next Damier purhcase. possibly a mezzo or manosque.

    Normally when I get new LV left it sit for a while before I wear it. I'm always scared about messing it up.

    Not w/ the Damier. I'm thinking about taking it out today or tommorow!!!
    They are so much lower mainteneance :yes:

  2. Oooooo... congrats on a very nice bag! Please post pics of you wearing it!

  3. Sure thing. I will get my BF to take one for me when I see him
  4. It's beautiful :love:
  5. :yahoo:Congrat's, wonderful purchase.
  6. GREAT bag!!! CONGRATS!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  7. I LOVE it! I think it's the perfect bag for Fall! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  8. Congrats, it's lovely ! :yes:
  9. Congratulations! Lovely.
  10. It's a great bag! Congrats and enjoy!
  11. Congrats! I love Saleyas!:yahoo:
  12. Aaaa, glad you love it. Saleyas are great! :wlae:
  13. Congrats!!! It's beautiful!:yahoo:
  14. Oh that is a great purse! Congratulations on such a beautiful purchase! So exciting!
  15. Ooh, at the Chicago mtg we had this weekend that's the bag I was looking at in LV! Its very nice! Enjoy!