Lookie at what I got today!!

  1. They only had 1 pair in each size and this was the LAST PAIR! I got it pretty cheap too because it was at Twist and not at the CL Boutique or Lane Crawford. After discounts it was USD 460.00!!


    I'm so happy!! I've been lusting after this for months and had not been able to locate them in red 85 mm. I would've preferred 100mm but I'm satisfied with 85mm too! This just means I can wear it more often :graucho:

    Now if only the rain would clear up, I can start wearing them around town! :nuts:

    I've included a picture of my little CL family too! Enjoy! :heart:
    P1040285 [640x480].JPG P1040289 [640x480].JPG P1040290 [640x480].JPG
  2. Lucky girl! There's so cute!

    (love the CL "family" portrait, too!)
  3. wow, hot!!!!
  4. So gorgeous!!!!
  5. Beautiful. The red patent is so hot. Congrats!!!
  6. oooooooh my dream pair :drool: They look DIVINE :drool: and oh boy about that pice :tup:
  7. Wow, great colour!
  8. They look spectacular!!!!! :smile:
  9. that was gorgeous...:drool:
    which twist? the TST one? i got to take a look tomorrow..
  10. That shoe is GORGEOUS! I'm dying to get my hands on a pair!
  11. That is one HOT pair of shoes!
    I also love your growing collection.
  12. beautiful, congrats!
  13. They are indeed beautiful!! Your collection is coming along very well :tup:
  14. beautiful!!! are those 85mm or 100mm heel?
  15. :heart: the red simples! You've got a great collection. :yes: