Lookie at what I got on sale yesterday..

  1. Coin purse for £48 (about $85)!!
    Makeup bag/clutch thing..£78 (about $135)!!!

    I'm so happy! I love the clutch so much. I'm pretty sure the coin purse is cornflower blue, am I right? Is the clutch rose pink?:yahoo:
  2. Holy Crap - fantastic deals - love them both!!!!
  3. BTW - I'm sure that's cornflower blue and yep, rose pink!
  4. I beg your pardon:wtf: ....where was that???? What else do they have?
  5. ^^^ Lol KittyKitty, you're going to get loads of this today ^^
  6. Sweet deal! :p
  7. So lucky...Congrats!
  8. Both from harvey nichols but they were the only things left at final clearance. The other stuff was this season things on sale for 30%. I'm going to selfrdiges soon though so I'll post everything they have (I think its upto 50% off) and if anyone wants me to get anything for them I'd be happy to help.:smile:
  9. if you see any accessory in blueberry PM me thnx;)
  10. Congrats on your fantastic deals :smile:))
  11. Congrats!!!!:yahoo: You are a lucky gal :flowers:
    Yah, the colors look so GORGEOUS :drool:
  12. OMG you are so lucky, Congrats:yahoo: I love your Pink make up bag.:drool:
  13. wow great deals!!! :smile:
  14. Both are gorgeous but I love that pink one.
  15. Congratulations! They are both sweet little accessories. :yahoo: