Lookie at these

  1. are these old or new?
    This one is interesting
  2. cool! that second one is currently on the japan website i believe...
  3. the 3rd one is only @ the legacy store in New york, and the 2nd one is the new coated canvas bags coming out for the spring. you can order them thru JAX already. (the ones they have available)

    And the carly, a SA at the outlets was telling me those bags were being shipped to 5 stores in the united states. Factory stores only, but those were the totes, i'm not sure about the carlys.
  4. yeah that's what I thought that they were the totes....maybe they're making carlys?
    Here is some from the japan site!
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]<---this wallet comes in blue, pink, green and brown!
  5. [​IMG]<- as well as this- pink blue green and brown
    [​IMG]is this signature stripe?
    [​IMG] a lily wallet?:nuts:
  6. [​IMG]
    [​IMG]< I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!
    [​IMG]this comes in black, gold and white (trim and lozenge)
    [​IMG]I want this too!
    [​IMG] and this!
  7. I love these two!
  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]<- a dog sweater/ coat!

    In conclusion.....
    think of the damage we could do if only we had half of this stuff!
  9. lol I know, thanks to the japan site I just HAD to have the ergo belted hippie I bought. They're so lucky to get all the new stuff first!!!
  10. Those patchwork wallets and mini skinny are so cute!. I wonder if they are
    making a new Patchwork? They look like they would go with a lot!Any handbag that is Khaki signature, gold or brown I want one! I should call Jax tommorow to see if they are aval.here!
  11. That carly is old, they even had a bating suit in that pattern, I think it was from last spring. Japan does have somenice stuff but, it's close to twice the price!!
  12. when they sell it to the u.s it ends up being the same price in dollars
  13. If you do a price conversion,between the price on their site compare it to ours, it is double.
  14. the clover charm is old too, and my store had the Tattersall dog coat.
  15. I am madly in love with the Heritage Stripe Camera bag [the second pic in the first post]!!!