Lookie at my new Legacy Super Skinny Scarf

  1. I ordered it last week... it's got FRINGE!! Item # 98211 if you are interested! I got some great outlet items too but I'll have to post those later!
  2. How adorable! What are you going to do with it?
  3. Thanks so much for posting this!! I ordered one Monday that should be here by Friday, and in the confirmation email it said something about "fringed" and I was like "wtf?"
  4. Not a clue:nuts:
  5. how pretty!!! LOVE the fringe!!
  6. I'm not too fond of the fringe... Is it new? Or did you get it at the outlet?

    How much was it?
  7. It's new, and it's $48 I think.

    And I'm still undecided about the fringe. I didn't know it was on there, and will have to make my final decision when I pick mine up.
  8. Oh so cute!!! That would look cute used as a belt.
  9. :yes:
  10. The belt idea is good!!!!
  11. I'm not digging the fringe either.
  12. Hmmm....I didn't know it had fringe! Different!

    Thanks for the pic!
  13. That's pretty! :drool: Thanks for the pics!
  14. I would totally dig the fringe if it was a wool/winter scarf.
  15. ITA :tup: