Lookey what UPS brought me yesterday.....

  1. Here it is - my mastic gh brief :yahoo:I thought it was going to be too close to sandstone - but it's definitely more goldish. So, what do ya'll think?:tup: or :tdown:????
    kaitlyns camera 514.jpg
  2. I am sorry but i prefer Sandstone.:sad:
  3. ooo, I LOVE it with the GH! It looks like honey/caramel yumminess! (And I :heart: anything that reminds me of food:wlae:) It's definitely much "warmer" and more gold than Sandstone.:yes:
  4. I saw Mastic with GGH in another thread and thought it was the yummiest, most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen. This Mastic looks more golden than the other picture- much yellower- is your picture an accurate representation?

    Regardless, I think it's beautiful, but I liked the representation of Mastic in the other picture I saw better.
  5. I love it! I bought Sandstone a couple of months ago but after seeing Mastic, I'm in love with it...hopefully I can get one in a Weekender :yahoo:

    I love the Brief w/ GH so gorgeous!
  6. Beautiful congrats!
  7. I'm crazy about mastic! Your bag looks great!
  8. WOW, I didn't realize that Mastic was a lot more gold than Sandstone. That is one fantastic looking Bbag...congratulations!
  9. i love mastic!!! so gorgeous. sorry if you are not crazy about it, but i think it's awesome :tup:
  10. Very nice Congrats!
  11. I think I like it, but I can't make the pic big enough to really *see* it lol.
  12. :tup::tup::tup::drool::drool::drool:
  13. Pretty! SUch a beautiful neautral color to wear.
  14. It looks fab! Congrats!