Lookey what I got

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  1. I know they are nothing big, but I just wanted to share what I found at Marshalls today.

    2 Wristlets

    1. Chelsea pebbled leather (brown) Don't know if I am keeping this.

    2. Soho? Signature wristlet. I am keeping this one.

    They were only $24.99 each!!
    Chelsea wristlet.jpg Signature wrislet.jpg
  2. very cute! I have that 2nd one only it is dark brown, I love it! :tup:
  3. wow what a great buy.. I need to go see what my marshallas has around me
  4. They are cute and great prices!!! Congrats!
  5. Great deals. My Marshalls has nothing...ever! I dont even go there anymore!
  6. Pretty!!!!! Nice additions! Congrats and enjoy them!
  7. i never find any coach at mine except the strange outdated stuff.. or dooney's starnge awkward stuff
  8. Wow, great deals!! Congrats!
  9. Will be taking a trip to Marshalls tomorrow:graucho:....thanks for the tip!!
  10. No way! Marshalls, really?! Wow, great find!
  11. Wow, great find! Congratulations. :tup:
  12. Great deals, you can't beat it!
  13. great buys congrat's.
  14. You got a great deal! Congrats
  15. Great finds! I never find any wristlets at our TJ Maxx, rarely any good bags either. Congrats!