lookey what i got!!

  1. my first PCE, my 1st real Coach purchase (not second-hand) ... my first true love! haha j/k my hubby gave me christmas $ & this is what i bought :

    The Signature Stripe swing pack for $103!!! CUTE right?! on the website it shows a cream strap, but mine has this lovely brown with cream stitches... anyone with a swingpack, please tell me why you love it -- i've only used it once since Saturday...

    so my collection now consists of a black signature mini skinny & saddle(?) studded wristlet & this swingpack..
    my purse.jpg
  2. I prefer the dark strap way over the cream one, for sure.

    Great choice! Enjoy your purchase.
  3. Congratulations! This is a great bag to own, so practical and cute! I love the bronze stripe and brown signature!
  4. Super cute!! I use mine when I go to the movies, travel, or take the kids to putt-putt golf and stuff like that. It's great b/c it's small and hands free!
  5. I love my swingpack to use when I need to be hands-free and don;t need much except money, license, etc.
  6. Great swingpack! I am packing for my plane ride tomorrow trying to figure out if I want to take a swingpack or wear my Felicia crossbody.

    ENJOY your purchase, swingpacks are so useful!
  7. Adorable swingpack!

    At my local boutique, all the SA's wore theirs as a waist bag and it hung on right on the side of the hip. It totally looked cute that way!
  8. to wear as a waist bag they just tighten the strap??? they were wearing bags in the store? weird...

    thanks for all the congrats!! i will love it to pieces (not literally, of course!) i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bronze strap as well. I hardly ever carry anything but mini skinny as wallet, keys, phone, mp3 player, sunglasses & lipgloss - so its perfect.. plus, i have a 2 yo - so hands free is pretty much a must at all times! haha
    Thanks again! I love coming on this forum & bragging.. I also like to drool over all the other COACH goodies you lovely girls with great choice have! Ya'll made my day!

  9. Very cute, I like it!
  10. so cute! Congrats
  11. CONGRATS!!!!!! i love the color
  12. ohh! It is so cute!!! I want one!!! Is that the reg price? or did you get with discount??? Congrats, it's just adorable!
  13. I really like that color strap, congrats!
  14. I have a swingpack and love it...I don't carry it daily but when going out for the evening i just throw my wallet and a few things in it and I am ready to go...Nice change to carry this light purse instead of my daily heavy purse...